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Our team of heritage experts, historians, and archaeologists are committed to conducting comprehensive research, assessments, and conservation initiatives. From iconic buildings and landmarks to archaeological sites and industrial relics, OzArk delves into the intricacies of each heritage place, unravelling its history, archaeological significance, and cultural value.

OzArk has wide experience in working with historic cultural heritage both in NSW and interstate.
This experience includes preparing Statements of Heritage Impact (SOHI) for significant buildings or places to determine the extent and nature of a proposed impact. OzArk has prepared SOHIs for a range of clients spanning residential renovations through to the assessment of places such as historic gold fields and major public buildings including post offices, police stations and hospitals.

OzArk can prepare Conservation Management Plans that enable the owner of a heritage building to appropriately manage the conservation of the item’s significant heritage values. These plans investigate the item’s heritage values and develop a range of policies to ensure that the building or place can continue to be functional. Recent examples of Conservation Management Plans developed by OzArk include cemeteries at the City of Shellharbour and old mine sites in Broken Hill.

Archaeological investigations for historic heritage include excavations at state heritage listed properties such as the Old Dubbo Goal and Cooma Cottage, as well as smaller test excavations in areas where archaeological deposits are suspected.

OzArk has undertaken many archival recording programs where a building or place is permanently recorded prior to an approved alteration or demolition.

In summary, OzArk routinely undertakes the following historic heritage tasks:

  • Heritage assessments
    • Statements of Heritage Impact (SOHI)
    • SSD / SSI (Division 4.7 and 5.2 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
    • Part 4 (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
    • Part 5 (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
  • Regional Studies
    • LGA wide heritage studies
  • Archaeological excavation
    • Assessing potential (i.e. archaeological)
    • Test excavation
    • Section 60 and 140 excavations under the NSW Heritage Act 1977
    • Groundworks monitoring
  • Archival recording programs
  • Liaison with relevant local communities for historical studies
  • Liaison with appropriate legislative and planning authorities
  • Management recommendations and mitigative measures
  • Section 60 and 140 applications under the NSW Heritage Act 1977

Heritage Services

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