Heritage Services

OzArk’s approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the unique ecological and cultural landscapes that make Australia so special.

Professional Heritage Services

We work closely with our clients to identify and mitigate impact to heritage values and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that balance the preservation of our cultural heritage with the demands of development and progress.

OzArk has more than two decades experience working in the heritage field across NSW and interstate. This work includes both Aboriginal and historic heritage assessments.
In this time OzArk has worked on a range of projects from small, residential subdivision assessments through to major state significant projects with complex community engagement and regulatory pathways.

Assessment types range from visual inspections under the NSW Due Diligence Code of Practice, archaeological surveys under the NSW Code of Practice, preparing Statements of Heritage Impact for significant historic places, developing management and conservation plans, and undertaking archaeological excavations at significant Aboriginal and historic sites.

OzArk has excellent community consultation skills and can prepare cultural values assessments and undertake historical heritage studies. OzArk has the breadth of experience to peer review documentation, offer best practice advice, and provide expert witness services in heritage related matters. Our team of archaeologists is passionate about their profession while always having an eye on developing workable solutions to allow a project to reasonably conserve or manage significant heritage places.

Our areas of expertise

OzArk recognises the importance of preserving our rich cultural heritage and collaborating with traditional custodians and other stakeholders to ensure the respectful management of heritage values.

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Our team of archaeologists and ecologists work in unison and utilise our extensive local knowledge to provide you with a streamlined and cost-effective development solution.