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OzArk recognises that Aboriginal cultural heritage is not static but a living, evolving expression of identity. By collaborating with Aboriginal communities and promoting cultural exchange, we seek to foster a greater appreciation and recognition of the importance of Aboriginal cultural heritage to our shared history and collective future.

OzArk has wide experience in working with Aboriginal cultural heritage both in NSW and interstate. OzArk prides itself on working in partnership with Aboriginal communities, government agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure the protection, recognition, and celebration of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

In NSW, OzArk routinely undertakes visual inspections following the Due Diligence Code of Practice for the Protection of Aboriginal Objects in NSW for a broad range of private and public clients. OzArk also frequently undertake larger assessments following the Code of Practice for Archaeological Investigation of Aboriginal objects in NSW, often for state significant developments or infrastructure.

OzArk has undertaken a large number of Aboriginal cultural heritage archaeological excavation programs across diverse landscapes, including test excavations and larger-scale salvage excavations. We have also undertaken a number of research excavations in NSW, primarily for the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

OzArk has a specialist team of staff who ensure that the Aboriginal cultural heritage consultation requirements for proponents (the NSW code for consultation) is followed diligently, to formally consult with the Aboriginal community, and keep appropriate documentation / records. OzArk can facilitate public consultation, workshops, and educational programs to engage stakeholders and foster a sense of ownership and stewardship towards heritage places.

The skill set at OzArk also extends to developing interpretive material for Aboriginal cultural heritage and undertaking archival programs to record Aboriginal sites.

OzArk has the breadth of experience to peer review documentation, offer best practice advice, and provide expert witness services in heritage related matters. OzArk has a sound understanding of the regulatory framework for the management of Aboriginal heritage and are able to provide high-level, real-world advice on any heritage related issue.

In summary, OzArk routinely undertakes the following Aboriginal cultural heritage tasks:

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments
    • SSD / SSI (Division 4.7 and 5.2 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
    • Part 4 (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
    • Part 5 (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979)
  • Due Diligence Code of Practice inspections
  • Aboriginal community consultation
    • Aboriginal cultural heritage consultation requirements for proponents
    • Consultation meetings
  • Regional Studies
    • LGA wide heritage studies
  • Archaeological excavation
    • Test excavation
    • Research excavation
    • Salvage excavation
  • Liaison with appropriate legislative and planning authorities
  • Development of tailored management recommendations and mitigative measures
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit applications

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