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OzArk has a thorough approach to biodiversity reporting, employing rigorous research methodologies, thorough site investigations, and robust data analysis to deliver comprehensive and reliable reports. Our reports not only fulfill regulatory requirements but also provide valuable insights into the environment and biodiversity present.

OzArk has the ISO certifications AS/NZS ISO 9001 – 2016 (Quality Management Systems) and AS/NZS ISO 14001 – 2016 (Environmental Management Systems). Following the procedures within these certifications ensures that OzArk has a focus on quality management to ensure all reports issued by the company have been checked and cleared for distribution.

OzArk ensures that all biodiversity assessment reports are produced at the highest professional standard. This includes a strong internal editing team that ensures OzArk reports are consistent, match regulatory expectations, and are readable to both client and the general public.

In summary, OzArk routinely develops the following report types:

  • Biodiversity Assessment reports
  • Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports
  • Biodiversity Stewardship Site Report
  • Review of Environmental Factors
  • Management Plans

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