Biodiversity Management Plans

With our team's strong analytical and technical skills, we are well-equipped to support clients in developing and implementing practical Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs), also known as Environmental Management Plans.

Our focus is on creating actionable and effective BMPs that can be readily applied and utilized, ensuring that our efforts lead to on-the-ground action rather than passive shelf-bound documents.

When developing BMPs, we prioritize the fulfillment of statutory and operational requirements for our clients. Our BMPs provide clear guidelines on the necessary environmental controls to achieve desired outcomes, specifying responsibilities for control implementation, and establishing mechanisms for performance monitoring and review. Through close collaboration with our clients, we ensure that our BMPs are relevant, practical, and add value to their operations.

OzArk staff are also able to prepare specific management plans relating to vegetation management, or species-specific management plans such as bat/microbat management plans.

Please reach out if you have any questions relating to Ozark developing a Biodiversity Management Plan for you.

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