Bulga Optimisation Project

Bob Field Work 2
Bulga Optimisation Project Creek Survey

Client: Glencore Pty Ltd

Area: Upper Hunter Valley

Approval Type: State Significant Development

Years: 2011-2012


The Bulga Optimisation Project is a proposed expansion of the Bulga coal mine, along with related infrastructure construction such as a noise and visual bunds and road works.

OzArk EHM completed the survey and test excavation required to assess the scientific values present within a 4,873 ha area proposed for impact by the Bulga Optimisation Project.

This project involved over 343 person days to complete the survey and a further two weeks of test excavation, including the excavation of nearly 200 test pits.

BOP Field Work 3
Bulga Optimisation Archaeological Survey

OzArk EHM was involved with all aspects of assessing the scientific values of the study area from field work through to working with a large number of Aboriginal stakeholders both in the field as well as at meetings and site visits. This project demonstrates OzArk EHM’s ability to work with a large number of Aboriginal stakeholders and to coordinate the field assessment of a project covering a large and diverse topographic area.