Boonangar and Mungindi Bridge Demolitions

Boonangar Bridge

Client: Roads and Maritime Services

Area: Border Rivers/Gwydir

Approval Type: Part 5: Infrastructure

Year: 2013


Roads and Maritime Services proposed to demolish two bridges on the border of NSW and QLD as they have been replaced by new concrete bridges.

OzArk prepared a Review of Environmental Factors, which assessed the historic and ecological values of the two bridges. The assessment targeted protected matters under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 as well as the Queensland equivalent legislation Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999.Both bridges were also present on the RMS s170 Heritage register under the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW).

Two reports were written for each of the two bridges (four reports total). One report for the NSW authority and one for the QLD authority for each bridge.

Mungindi Bridge

OzArk then undertook an archival recording for both bridges before their demolition. Copies were provided to both State and Local Governments in the two states.