A Plan for the Future

For State Significant Developments (SSD), the conditions of the approved consent will stipulate that an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan (ACHMP) is developed. The ACHMP, when approved, then becomes the guiding document for the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage within the consent area. These plans often set out the archaeological context of the area by listing and mapping all known Aboriginal sites so that the landholder is aware of exactly where all Aboriginal cultural values are located. The ACHMP will then set out polices governing such things as the approved salvage of sites, the methods by which other sites may be conserved, protocols for new site discoveries or the unearthing of human remains, and any other aspects pertaining to Aboriginal cultural heritage such as the storage of artefacts or access to sites by the local Aboriginal community. OzArk has written a number of ACHMPs; primarily for mines both in the Hunter Valley and in the Dubbo region. OzArk strives to make these plans workable documents that clearly set out the requirements for the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage so that anyone can pick up the ACHMP and know exactly what is required. OzArk believes that a well-written ACHMP is a powerful tool to ensure the proper management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in an area and to ensure that as much as possible of this heritage is preserved.

An ACHMP can stipulate that sites within an area are signed so that they are not inadvertently damaged by such things as vehicle movements.
An ACHMP can set out the methodology of salvage works within an area; such as manual excavation in areas that are approved for disturbance.