A Burial in Narrandera

During 2017 and 2018 OzArk worked with our client to facilitate the application for an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit to allow the excavation and repatriation of an Aboriginal skeleton that had been discovered on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. With assistance from the local Aboriginal community and an osteoarchaeologist from the University of Sydney, OzArk made sure that that the repatriation occurred in a culturally sensitive manner while ensuring that a lot of information could be gained about the individual who had been found. In the end it appears the skeleton was of an 18 year old male who likely died after suffering a severe trauma to the side of his head. There is no indication that this was a post-colonisation death and we may be witness to either a tragic accident, or the result of warfare or retribution. Wrapped in the skin of a grey kangaroo and with white ochre sprinkled over the bone bundle, the local Aboriginal community ensured that the young man was respectively reburied close to his original resting place.

Clients and local Aboriginal community in front of a craving made in a nearby tree to serve as a marker for the repatriation location.
Local Aboriginal community prepare the skeleton that has been wrapped in a kangaroo skin and placed on a coolamon for reburial.