Dubbo Zirconia Project

DZP Field Assessment 1
Dubbo Zirconia Project Field Assessment


Client: Alkane Resources

Area: Toongi, Dubbo LGA

Approval Type: State Significant Development

Years:  2012-2013


The Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP) comprises the development, mining and processing of zirconium, niobium and rare earth element resources located near Toongi, approximately 25km south of the town of Dubbo.

The Aboriginal and historic heritage of 2,500ha study area, with an 800ha impact footprint, for the DZP Project was completed by OzArk.

The fieldwork component included surface survey and test-excavation, and required 90 person days. Representatives from the Registered Aboriginal Parties attended the fieldwork. 52 sites were identified in the study area, 33 of which were newly recorded.

DZP Field Assessment 3
Dubbo Zirconia Project Test Excavation

OzArk EHM was involved with all aspects of assessing the scientific values, from field work through to numerous meetings with Aboriginal stakeholders, the project team and government regulators. OzArk was able to provide a detailed set of recommendations for this large study area that met the requirements of the government regulators and the approval of both the proponent and the Registered Aboriginal Parties.