Environmental Impact Assessment

OzArk is strongly committed to ecologically sustainable development, biodiversity and heritage conservation. Our expertise in these areas of environmental assessment enables us to address issues related to the management of natural and cultural resources and community liaison. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Environmental Overviews (EO)
  • Preliminary Environmental Investigations (PEI)
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • All specialists’ studies
  • Community consultation, negotiation and facilitation

The reports produced by OzArk are designed to provide information and decision support for project managers required to undertake environmental assessments. We offer the opportunity to flag environmental issues, conduct community consultation, and undertake formal environmental assessments hence providing appropriately formulated management recommendations and tailor-made mitigative measures.